Wheel & Brake caliper refinishing

Wheel & Brake caliper refinishing

do you like your existing style of wheels or brake calipers but maybe they have seen better days or you simply would like to customize the color?

We have your solution! We are able to refinish your wheels or brake calipers back to a like new factory condition or completely change the look by customizing the desired colors/look you have in mind!

Pricing will vary depending on what you are specifically looking to
do, please call for more info or an estimate.

  • Paintless dent repair
  • Have a few dents or door dings? We have you covered! We offer paintless dent repair for mild-moderate dents. Pricing is typically $50-$100 per dent removed
  • Headlight & taillight tint
  • Wanting to give your car a unique look by tinting/darkening the
  • headlights or tail lights?
  • We have several options for this service to fit any vehicles specific
  • needs.
  • Give us a call or shoot us an email for a quote!
  • Vinyl wraps

If you are looking to fully customize and change the look of your vehicle a color change vinyl wrap is the way to go! We use premium quality Vinyl brands that give you hundreds of color options for whatever you desire. This service is completely customized and pricing will vary depending on vehicle size, how much disassembly is required, and which brand/color of vinyl is chosen.