Marine Detailing In Asheboro, Archdale High Point, & Randleman, NC

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the boat and its overall condition




  • This package is designed for a boat that is either newer or has been well maintained and just needs a good cleaning and added protection
  • Thorough wash of all exterior surfaces including trailer
  • Full decontamination on gel coat
  • Machine application of a wax or sealant for added shine and protection




  • This package is designed for a boat that sees a lot of water time during the summer and needs a boost. This package works as a great yearly service to keep your boat looking new for the upcoming seasons.
  • Thorough wash of all exterior surfaces including trailer
  • Full decontamination on gel coat
  • Single step gel coat correction performed to remove light-moderate swirls, scratches, and oxidation which will restore the paint back to a like new condition bringing back its original gloss and shine.
  • Sealant applied for added gloss and protection.




  • Wash & paint decontamination
  • This package was designed for the boat owner looking to add extreme gloss and shine to the paintwork, and make maintenance cleanings extremely easy
  • NO MORE WAXING! Keep your boat looking great for years to come with simple, effortless maintenance cleanings.
  • full decontamination on gel coat
  • 2 stage cut and polish gel coat correction process performed to remove as many defects as possible and to revive the paint condition to a better than new state.
  • Once the paintwork is corrected to our standards we will begin prepping the exterior surfaces for ceramic coatings
  • Gtechniq marine ceramic "base" applied for the initial layer of protection. This coating offers extreme UV protection, and prevents the paint from staining and fading. Unparalleled levels of gloss and shine
  • Marine grade top coating applied for the final layer of coating to add even more protection, gloss, and shine. This topcoat introduces extreme hydrophobic properties to the coating making maintenance cleanings a breeze.

Interior Detailing

Prices may vary depending on size of the interior and overall condition

Level 1

  • This is a maintenance service for a boat that has been well maintained but needs a thorough cleaning
  • All surfaces, cracks, and crevices wiped down and cleaned
  • Thorough vacuuming performed where need be
  • Starting price $80

Level 2

  • This service is for an interior in need of deeper cleaning with the mindset of reviving all of the surfaces to a like new state and adding protection
  • Deep cleaning on all surfaces including seats, sea foam, upholstery, plastics, etc.
  • Marine grade conditioner/UV protectant applied to all applicable surfaces
  • Starting price $200

Add ceramic coating protection to the interior of your boat!

  • Ceramic coating the seats is highly recommended due to fading/etching overtime and ease of maintenance.
  • This add on would be customized to the customers boat and their preference of the specific surfaces they would like added ceramic coating protection
    • In the level 2 interior detail package after the deep cleaning we would then properly degrease the desired areas to be coated.
    • Ceramic coatings applied for unmatched protection that last for years.
    • Starting price $150