• Prices may vary depending on size of the interior and overall condition.

Level 1

* This is a maintenance service for a boat that has been well maintained but needs a thorough cleaning

  • All surfaces, cracks, and crevices wiped down and cleaned
  • Thorough vacuuming performed where need be
  • Starting Price: $80

Level 2

This service is for an interior in need of deeper cleaning with the mindset of reviving all of the surfaces to a like new state and adding protection

  • Deep cleaning on all surfaces including seats, sea foam, upholstery, plastics, etc.
  • Marine grade conditioner/Uv protectant applied to all applicable surfaces
  • Starting Price: $200

Add ceramic coating protection to the interior of your boat!

  • Ceramic coating the seats is highly recommended due to fading/etching overtime and ease of maintenance.
  • This add on would be customized to the customers boat and their preference of the specific surfaces they would like added ceramic coating protection
    • In the level 2 interior detail package after the deep cleaning we would then properly degrease the desired areas to be coated.
    • Ceramic coatings applied for unmatched protection that last for years.
    • Starting price $150

We also do window tinting for boats, if interested give us a call for more information!