• Prices may vary depending on size of the interior and overall condition.

Basic Package (Level 1)

*This package is included with all of our exterior detailing services. To upgrade, simply let us know you would like to upgrade your interior detail to a level 2 or 3.

* Designed for an interior that is in good shape and in need of simple maintenance.

  • All leather, plastics, & vinyl thoroughly wiped down to remove dust and light staining. This will also lightly condition and protect these surfaces.
  • Windows cleaned.
  • Rubber floor mats deep cleaned.
  • Carpets and upholstery receive a detailed vacuum.
  • Starting Price: $30

Level 2

All services in the level 1 detail are included in the level 2.
This package was designed for light to moderate soiled interior in need of a deeper cleaning.

  • Includes a solid scrub down of all leather, plastics, & vinyl to remove dirt build up and staining followed by an application of a leather, plastic, & vinyl conditioner/protection product.
  • Carpets and upholstery heavily brushed to loosen embedded dirt, debris, and hair prior to vacuuming for an overall deeper cleanse and better results.
  • Starting Price: $75

Multiple services can be added to this package such as:
  • Steam Cleaning- This is great for cleaning tight cracks and crevices, removing dirt and grime build up over the years, and not only is this the best interior cleaning method, it also sanitizes your interior by killing any bacteria in its path.
  • Carpet or seat shampooing/hot water extraction- revive your seats or carpet to a like new condition! We use professional methods and industry leading top of the line hot water extractors to provide the best results possible.
  • Add our high quality leather conditioner for longer lasting protection!

Restoration Package (Level 3)

This package will receive all services listed in the level 2 detail.
Designed for a more neglected interior that needs all surfaces cleaned and disinfected at the highest level possible.

  • Deep steam cleaning is implemented to revive all leather, plastics, and vinyl to a like new condition while fully sanitizing and disinfecting these surfaces.

Carpet/upholstery cleaning process.
  • Carpets are heavily brushed and vacuumed to remove loose dirt/debris.
  • Carpet/upholstery cleaners are introduced to the fabrics to begin breaking down and emulsifying stains and dirt.
  • Surfaces heavily scrubbed and shampooed with drill brushes.
  • Next step is to hit the surface with a steam cleaner. This ensures that all of the embedded contamination in the upholstery is fully broken down and disinfected.
  • Hot water extractor will be used to fully remove all of the dirt, debris, and staining that has been living deep down in your upholstery.
  • Final vacuuming.
  • Starting Price: $150

This interior service is performed at the highest level possible. Not only do we use the highest quality products available, but our equipment, such as our steamers and hot water extractors, are the best of the best in the auto detailing industry. If you are looking to have your interior done "right", you are in the right place!