• Pricing on all packages will vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the condition it is in on the day of the appointment.
  • All detail packages come with a standard interior cleaning described in our maintenance detail, if you are interested in a more involved interior detailing please check out the interior detailing tab under "services".
  • We designed these packages based off of what we think are quality details, if you have something else in mind for your car let us know, we are not limited to these packages.


  • Wheel, tire, fender well deep clean
  • Vehicle pressure washed, followed by the foam cannon
  • 3 bucket detailed hand wash & rinse
  • Heavy blow dry all cracks and crevices
  • Hand dried with high quality microfiber towels
  • Wheels, tires, and fender wells cleaned and dressed
  • Vacuumed and all surfaces wiped clean
  • Door jambs cleaned and shined
  • Starting price: $50
  • This is not your average "car wash", this service is a detailed cleaning designed to help maintain a vehicle that is already in good condition.
  • Wax or sealant application can be applied to this package



  • All services listed above are included in this package

    • Our version of a "wash & wax"

  • Exterior
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Iron-x applied to all painted surfaces to remove iron fillings and industrial fallout.
  • Clay bar paint decontamination; removes all above surface contaminants caused by tar, industrial fallout, road grime, improper maintenance, and all other elements the vehicle is exposed to. This makes the painted surfaces 100% clean and super slick and is a perfect preparation step before applying any protection so that the product can properly bond directly to the paintwork.
  • Wax machine applied to add shine and protection
  • Starting price: $150

LEVEL 2 DETAIL- Paint Enhancement

LEVEL 2 DETAIL- Paint Enhancement

  • All services listed above are included in this package
  • This package was designed to give the customer a fresh start with their vehicle by providing amazing shine and protection.
  • One step medium- heavy machine polishing step performed to remove light to moderate defects (swirls, scratches, etc.), and restore gloss and clarity to the paintwork.
  • Wax or sealant applied for our final step for added shine and protection. Some vehicles may apply for ceramic coating protection depending on the paint condition.
  • Starting Price: $350

Enhancement Polish & 1 Year Coating
*This service was designed for a vehicle with light-moderate imperfections in the
paintwork and the customer who is looking to drastically improve the condition of the
exterior and its gloss and shine but is not concerned with aiming for perfection.
*This is a great service for vehicle that has been polished before and is just in need of a
"refresh" or a newer vehicle that is not embedded with deep surface imperfections.
Services Performed:
*We preform the same wash and process described in the Level 1 detail.
*Single stage customized machine polish to remove light-moderate imperfections and to
restore gloss, clarity, and shine
*If your paintwork is heavily swirled or seems to have deeper imperfections we
recommend starting with our level 3 detail.
*After polishing is complete the exterior will be thoroughly cleaned/prepped with a
ceramic coating prep product to ensure that the coating properly bonds to the clear coat
*Up to 1 year ceramic coating applied to the paintwork for added gloss/shine, extreme
hydrophobic properties, and superior clear coat protection
*We recommend having this service performed annually and for the vehicle to come back
every 6 months for a wash/refresh on the coating to maintain hydrophobic properties
*Pricing: Most vehicles fall under the price range of $400-$700 depending on size and



  • This package was designed for the customer searching for true "paint correction" this service permanently removes medium-heavy surface defects such as water spotting, swirls and scratches.
  • We recommend this service for a vehicle that has never been polished or for someone wanting to revive their paint finish back to a brand new condition.
  • All services listed above are included in this package
  • 2 stage paint correction performed to remove surface defects and imperfections.
  • The initial step of this process will be a heavy compounding step to get those heavier imperfections out, the second step will include a machine polish to restore gloss and clarity.
  • For the best protection we recommend applying one of our ceramic coatings, this will protect your paint for years to come without having to re-apply.
  • Starting Price: $500

3-4 Year Ceramic Coating

*Our level 3 detail introduces professional grade ceramic coating protection and medium-
heavy defect removal

*This package is great for a daily driver, work vehicle, or a car the customer doesn't plan
on having for more than a few years
*This service is the best "bang for your buck" that is offered a Petty Shine
Services Performed:
*Same wash and decontamination process as described in our Level 1 Detail
*2 stage cut and polish paint correction
*This is still an enhancement service. We are not aiming for 100% perfection. The
condition of the paintwork will determine how close to perfection we can get, with our
goal being 90%-95% overall improvement of the paintwork
1st Stage-heavy cutting step performed with the best machine polishers on the
market to remove moderate-heavy imperfections
2nd Stage-thorough machine polish step to finish out the clear coat and restore
unmatched gloss, depth, and clarity in the paintwork.
*Vehicle is washed and wiped down with coating prep to prepare surfaces for proper
coating install
*Gyeon Mohs Evo 3 year coating applied for protection, added gloss and shine, extreme
hydrophobic properties, and easy cleaning
*By adding one more layer of Mohs Evo, Gyeon states the coating will last 4 years instead
of 3. Add on additional layer for $200

Pricing typically falls in the range of $1100-$1500 depending on the size of the
vehicle and its condition
*A lot of our customers prefer to have their glass/windows,wheels, and plastic/trim
ceramic coated along with the paint to have total exterior ceramic protection for years of
easy cleaning and protection.
*Adding these services are typically between $300-$500 depending on the type of wheels
and the condition of the glass/wheels and wether polishing is necessary
For more information.

"The Petty Shine"

This is package was designed for the customer that wants there ride to have an amazing shine and bring out its full potential.

  • Thorough wash completed
  • Full paint decontamination using Iron-x, and clay bar treatments
  • Paint correction. this step will depend on what color the vehicle is, the condition of the paint work, the number of steps required, and also the customers budget.
  • Vehicle is washed again and properly prepped for ceramic coating application.
  • Ceramic coating applied. We have several options when in comes to ceramic coatings, we will discuss this prior to the service to ensure we apply the right coating for your vehicle and your budget.
  • A ceramic coating will give you the best protection possible for your car which creates an unparalleled experience when it comes to maintaining your car and keeping it clean and shiny!
  • Starting Price: $800

Full paint correction & 9 year ceramic coating
• Over the past 3 years this package has become the most popular service in our shop. The
Petty Shine detail is for the customer that wants their vehicle/paintwork to look its
absolute best while protecting it with the best ceramic coating system on the market.
*This service represents the pinnacle of auto detailing and is performed at the highest
Services Performed:
*Same wash and decontamination process as described in the Level 1 detail
*Thorough examination of the paintwork along with taking numerous readings of the paint

and clear coat thickness around the entire vehicle so that we can establish a proper game-
plan for the paint correction process

*Full paint correction- customized paint correction to meet the specific needs of each
vehicle. Our goal is to remove any and every surface imperfection we possibly can to
provide the closest thing possible to a brand new paint finish. Since we will be applying a
extremely durable and semi permanent ceramic coating we want to ensure we are not
applying this over top of any paint imperfections. Keep in mind, that although we are
aiming at perfection, we also want to perform this service safely without causing any
damage, defects/imperfections deeper than the clear coat may not be able to fully
removed in order to keep the clear coat at a healthy level. This service provides maximum
defect/imperfections removal and ultimate levels of gloss, depth, and clarity in the
*After completion of paint correction the vehicle will receive another foam cannon wash
followed by prepping all surfaces for ceramic coating

*GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 9 Year ceramic coating applied to all of the paintwork. This
ceramic coating is a professional only applied coating that is harder than your factory clear
coat resulting in the best ceramic coating protection available.
*Exo (topcoat) applied after base coat is fully cured to add even more protection and
hydrophobic properties
*Pricing is typically in the price range of $1700-$2500. The large price range really all
comes down to the condition of the paintwork and how much time is required in the paint
correction process

*Most customers that choose this service also choose to have all other surfaces on the
vehicle protected with surface specific ceramic coatings for long lasting protection

*Window/glass coating

*Our glass coating is one of the most durable available, one application will last between
2-3 years. It is essentially like having rain-x on steroids on the exterior glass that makes
keeping your glass clean and free of water spots a breeze. It also makes driving in the rain
significantly better because of the water just rolling right off.
$200-$300 depending on whether the glass needs polishing to remove oxidation/ water
*Plastic/trim coating
C4 Permanent trim coating applied to exterior trim> This coating not only protects the trim
from fading and makes maintenance easier it also will restore faded trim back to a like new

• Coating your wheels cuts down your wash time tremendously, dirt/grime will clean off
much easier and less dirt will cling to it in the first place. This also makes keeping hot brake
dust off of your wheels easier!
*Outer wheel service-outer rim decontaminated, prepped, and coated: $150-$200
*Wheels off service- wheels removed, decontaminated, and ceramic coated front to back.
While wheels are off we fully detail fender wells, and suspension and also ceramic coat
brake caliper: $400-$450

*Interior Protection- we also have a full line of ceramic coatings made specifically to
protect the interior surfaces such as plastics/vinyl, carpet/upholstery and leather
• These products help protect your interior surfaces from fading, cracking overtime and also
helps eliminate staining. Also similar to all of our ceramic coatings these will help keep
your interior cleaner due to the coatings repelling dirt/debris/liquids and not allowing
them to stick to the surface.
Full interior protection: $300-$400